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Freeze Dried Adventure Food

Adventures such as hiking trips, mountaineering expeditions and challenges like trekking from Land's End to John O' Groats or hiking through the Alps take determination, skill and passion for adventure.

These kind of activities and sports should be taken incredibly seriously as they push the body to its absolute limit and allow people to achieve truly incredible things. These sports are so popular because of the adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment that can be achieved throughout them.

When completing one of these adventures, nutrition is absolutely crucial, especially when trying to cover specific distances or deal with a particularly difficult climb or traversing hard terrain. From increased calories to help fuel your body and keep you warm in extreme weather, to a delicious meal to help lift spirits in the camp after a long day the right food can make all the difference in how successful your adventure is.

Food control is a vital part of completing any adventure, ensuring that you get the correct kind of food, at the correct times. When on an expedition or adventure, one thing that is important is how easy meals are to prepare and eat, especially in difficult conditions. Getting food that can be made quickly, while also being filling and providing the correct nutrients is difficult and is an issue many adventurers need to keep in mind. High calorie meals can maintain energy levels throughout an adventure, especially when eating food that releases energy slowly, this can help provide you with the energy necessary to cover your target distances for each day. 

Crucial adventure planning

An adventure isn’t something to take lightly, and preparation is vital, these are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Finalise your route – Your destination is only part of the puzzle, you need to plan your entire route in detail to know how long your trip will take and what sort of conditions you’ll face.
  • Prepare properly- Knowing your route and where you’re going means you can understand the sort of conditions you’ll be facing and prepare the right supplies and equipment to make your trip a success.
  • Remember your Summit to Eat Freeze Dried Meals – A longlasting supply of nutrient rich food is going to be key to fuelling your adventure, freeze-dried meals also allow you to save weight meaning you can travel easier.
  • Include rest days – Sometimes it is important to stop and recharge, on a long trek for example plan in a day where you can stop off and look at a landmark or visit somewhere to relax before continuing on.

Providing the answer

Summit to Eat can provide the perfect solution to your adventure planning - with our freeze-dried expedition meals being quick and easy to make in only 10 minutes, as well as well as high in slow burning nutrients and calories to keep you going through even the most difficult conditions. Our food can offer exactly what you need to keep moving and working towards your next goal or destination on your journey.

On top of this, they are also incredibly lightweight, and self-contained. This helps to conserve space and weight - which is much better than needing to bring large containers or plasticware with you and helps make travelling easier and less strenuous.

All of our meals are cooked first before they are freeze dried, rather than using a variety of freeze dried ingredients, as this ensures that the flavours of the meal produced in the cooking process, as well as the freshness, are maintained at a better quality to ensure that you get to enjoy your meal.

We can provide breakfasts, main meals and even desserts for your expedition, meaning you can maintain a filling and high-quality diet, without any of the stress that would normally come with it. Take a look at our range today, from our Pasta Bolognese through to our Vegetarian Chipotle Chilli with rice, you are sure to find a variety of meals you will enjoy.

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