When the weather’s nice and the days are long, there’s nothing better than being able to visit the great outdoors on a camping trip.

A family camping trip is a fantastic opportunity to visit somewhere new, explore, get some exercise and have fun. We’ve already highlighted what to keep in mind when planning the trip itself but what about making sure your trip contains plenty of memorable activities?

Where you’re going

Deciding on where to go is often the most difficult, but also the most fun, part of planning a camping trip. For a family camping trip maybe even think about getting the kids involved, ask them if there’s anything they’d want to do or places they’d like to see.

This can help you determine if you’re going camping nearer to specific attractions or looking for campsites near to a beach, for example, while also helping you to create an itinerary of activities to get involved in.

This could include:

Paid activities such as:

  • Local attractions
  • Museums
  • Theme parks
  • Tours – such as boat trips or visiting popular landmarks

Or free activities such as:

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Beach trips

Find the right mixture of activities to keep everyone engaged and having fun. Try a mix of activities or incorporating multiple things into one day. For example, hiking from your campsite to a tour or attraction.

What you bring with you

Your choice of activities is something you should try and agree on before you go on your trip. This way you have more time to plan and prepare what you need.

You might be camping near the coast and planning on spending a few days at the beach, you need to make sure you bring enough swimwear, towels, toys and sunscreen with you to make sure everyone has fun.

Or, for example, if you’re spending a lot of time hiking you might need to make sure you pack more food that’s suitable to enjoy away from camp. This might be snacks, the ingredients to make a picnic each day or freeze-dried meals that you can make during a break.

If you’re worried that the weather might turn, or the forecast looks questionable, it’s always worth bringing more clothes than you might need to keep in your tent. Depending on how you are getting to your campsite, this might not be an issue. However, if you’re backpacking, for instance, you need to think very carefully about the amount you can carry comfortably and safely.

If weight and space are limited, keep in mind that your planning might include research into where to buy things while you’re on your trip. Like buckets and spades at the beach, for example, buying them and maybe giving them to someone else when you’re done helps save space on the way there and on the way back.

How Summit To Eat can help you prepare for camping

Camping is supposed to be fun and relaxing, allowing you to switch off and enjoy time with friends and family. The activities should be fun and engaging, but at the end of a long day cooking back at camp should be quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy tasty meals without a lot of effort and stress.

At Summit To Eat, we provide a range of freeze-dried meals which can help ensure you have access to nutritious, tasty meals during every hiking trip. This includes breakfasts, mains, desserts and snacking options. Our meals and ingredients are:

  • Freeze-dried to create a lightweight, easy to store meal
  • Easy to prepare – simply add water to the pouch and wait for the meal to rehydrate
  • Expertly cooked prior to being freeze-dried, ensuring they taste fantastic
  • Nutritious – bursting with carbohydrates and protein to give you energy and keep you feeling satisfied

To find out more about our range of freeze-dried adventure foods, take a look at our meals page or contact us to speak to a member of our team.