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  1. Food to eat on an Arctic expedition

    Epic adventurer Felicity Aston MBE, and a team of 10 extraordinary women, ventured to the Arctic in April this year to complete their ground-breaking Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition – a difficult and dangerous journey to the top of the world. Together, the inspiring women from countries all over the world, skied over 80km of ice and snow. They completed their...
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  2. Taking on Project Patagonia: The Tempest Two

    At Summit to Eat, we create nutritious adventure freeze dried meals designed to help people see more of the world, break boundaries and achieve their goals. And what greater goal to have in your sights than a world-first; an ultra-triathlon in the surroundings of one of the most stunning environments on earth, the mountains, glaciers and rivers of Patagonia. Meet...
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  3. Meet the Norwegians navigating a world record

    To date, only six Norwegians have ever rowed across the Atlantic ocean. All six of them were men. But now, four women are preparing to re-write the record books; Sophie Stabell, 28, Camilla Bull, 28, Hege Svendsberget, 28 and Cornelia Bull, 32 - otherwise known as The Rowegians. In December they’ll be setting sail from La Gomera as part of...
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  4. For the love of climbing: an expedition to Kyrgyzstan

    As far as adrenaline rushes go, there’s few better ways to get an exhilaration fix than mountaineering and rock climbing. It’s a chance to see the world from a new perspective, and an activity that demands determination, strength and preparation, while the danger aspect only adds to the thrill. It’s easy to see why so many people get hung up...
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  5. Embarking on a Himalayan expedition

    At Summit to Eat we love hearing about people’s adventures, and how our meals have helped them achieve their goals, which is why we were eager to catch up with climber Ben Silvestre upon returning from his latest pursuit in the Himalayas. Having grown up in North Yorkshire, Ben first discovered climbing when visiting friends who were studying at Sheffield...
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  6. Six marathons in six days: Conquering Fire & Ice

    Back in July we caught up with adventurer Victoria Nicholson, to find out how she was getting on in preparation for one of the toughest multi-terrain races in the world: Fire & Ice. The glacial rivers, hot springs and lava fields of Iceland stood in the way of Victoria and the finish line of the sixth marathon in as many...
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  7. The return of Teddies on Tour

    As is both the risk and appeal of embarking upon an adventure, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. While the Teddies on Tour team – Ashley, Frida and Vibeke – may not have completed the challenge they set themselves to circumnavigate the entire coastline of Ireland, not many people can say they’ve kayaked accompanied by an otter, a...
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  8. Meet 11 women breaking barriers

    We recently introduced you to a group of extraordinary women aiming to complete one extraordinary expedition. Led by Felicity Aston MBE, this group of inspiring females is setting out to break boundaries and conquer goals on a ground-breaking quest to the North Pole. Meet the women behind the Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition. Felicity Aston MBE, United Kingdom Felicity has been...
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  9. Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition: 11 women breaking cultural boundaries

    At Summit to Eat, we truly champion people who go the extra mile to realise their ambitions. Whether that involves pushing your body to the limit, breaking boundaries, or conquering personal goals in the face of adverse conditions or circumstances. That’s why we’re throwing our full support behind a team of extraordinary women aiming to complete one extraordinary expedition. In...
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  10. Hike, fly, sleep, repeat: The quest to reach Lost Mountain

    At Summit to Eat, we’re proud that our tasty meals are used to help people from all walks of life, hailing from countries around the world, to conquer their goals and reach new places, and we love catching up with our customers to hear all about their adventures. So, when the Adventures Unbound team – Rhys Fisher, Fons de Leeuw...
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