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  1. How to make your camping trips epic

      Adventurers Nicola Hardy and James Forrest are currently climbing all 282 Munros in Scotland in a single-round. Here, Nic outlines how she makes her camping trips epic. Believe me when I tell you I’ve had more than my fair share of camping fails in the past. I’m currently climbing all 282 Munro mountains in Scotland over the summer and...
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  2. Fuel up with Summit To Eat climbing 282 Munros in Scotland

    Adventurers James Forrest and Nicola Hardy are currently climbing all 282 Munros in Scotland in a single-round. Here they outline why they chose to partner with Summit To Eat for their expedition nutrition. 282 mountains. 100 days. 1 epic adventure. We’re attempting to climb all 282 Munros – mountains over 3,000ft in Scotland – in a single-round this spring and...
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  3. Hiking and camping disasters and how to avoid them

    Whenever you’re looking to enjoy an adventure out in the wilderness, it’s especially important that you do whatever you can to ensure the adventure proceeds as smoothly as it can. There are a number of different issues you can run into on a camping trip, thankfully there are some simple tips to make sure you can get by, keep your...
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  4. Planning a family camping trip

    As the summer holidays approach, many families will be looking forward to weekend breaks and longer camping trips to take advantage of the good weather. Camping trips are a fantastic way to get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors, but what else can you do to make your camping trip even more memorable? The right location You might have...
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  5. How to store your food on a camping trip

    Food is a big part of any adventure, from the right snacks and meals to keep your energy up on an expedition to the perfect meal to help you recharge and relax in an evening on a campsite. How you store your food is massively important. This is true not only from a practical standpoint when trying to organise your...
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  6. Activities for family camping trip

    When the weather’s nice and the days are long, there’s nothing better than being able to visit the great outdoors on a camping trip. A family camping trip is a fantastic opportunity to visit somewhere new, explore, get some exercise and have fun. We’ve already highlighted what to keep in mind when planning the trip itself but what about making...
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  7. The right meals for mountaineering trips

    Mountaineering is a pastime that places a lot of strain on the body. People will frequently attempt to make steep ascents thousands of feet high, where strength, skill and mental stamina are crucial. But taking on such a challenging climb isn’t just about having your body and mind in the best shape. Ensuring you eat the right meals before, during...
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  8. The right food for a hiking trip

    Hiking is a great way to experience the outdoors and make your way through some pretty unique and enjoyable environments. But because you can be on the move for hours at a time, it’s important to keep your energy up with the right foods. With that in mind, we look at what you should consider when it comes to choosing...
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  9. The right calories and nutrition for a hiking trip

    Hiking can give any keen walker an exciting and challenging outdoor experience. Hikes are no walk in the park both physically draining and energy depleting. This means calories and nutrition play a key role in completing them. So, it’s important to eat the right food, in the right amounts, and eat at the right times. To make sure you reach...
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  10. How to prepare supplies for an expedition

    Preparing supplies for an expedition is crucial to making it safe and successful. It’s important to not just pack the right supplies, but also the right amount, considering what’s priority, what isn’t, and what you might need more of. From considering what’s necessary for your destination to labelling your supply of water, we explain how to prepare supplies for an...
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