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  1. Saving space on a camping trip

    Going on a camping trip can be a great way to experience the outdoors, whether with friends, family, or as a memorable solo experience. That said, deciding on what you do and don’t take with you can be a struggle, especially when you only have so much room in your rucksack or car. To help you make your camping experience...
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  2. What food should you take to a festival?

    Festivals are a fantastic opportunity to get out in the sunshine (hopefully) and enjoy time with family and friends, camping and enjoying a range of events from watching bands to indulging in different hobbies and activities. Many festivals have a reputation for expensive and questionable food, so when it comes to making sure you stay well fed and enjoy yourself...
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  3. What makes a good meal on an outdoor adventure?

    Whether you’re going for a day trip, a weekend away, or even a week-long expedition, there are certain considerations to make and keep in mind when it comes to deciding the kinds of food you should take with you. Because you’ll be carrying everything with you during such a trip, making sure you try to avoid taking too much with...
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  4. What are the benefits of freeze-dried camping meals?

    Freeze-dried meals offer many benefits over other foods, which makes them ideal for taking on a camping trip. This blog explains the key benefits of freeze-dried camping meals and why you should think about packing them in your rucksack for your next big adventure. Less weight Moisture contributes to a large proportion of the weight of food. As the freeze-drying...
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  5. What food should you take on an expedition?

    Planning for an expedition, camping trip or even a long hike requires thought. What equipment do you need to take, what conditions are you likely to face and what route are you going to travel are major considerations. The food you take on your trip is equally as important. Not only does it help to stave off hunger, but it...
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  6. The importance of nutrition in ocean rowing

    It’s well known that optimum nutrition is crucial for anyone embarking upon a feat of physical and mental endurance, such as ocean rowing, for example. But being away at sea presents bigger challenges than simply missing the comforting taste of your Friday night takeaway or Sunday roast. We sat down for a chat with Will Whitehead, who as one quarter...
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  7. Best UK spots for wild camping

    According to Visit Britain, 4.38 million people go camping in Britain every year. That’s a LOT of tents. But while the vast majority of those head for designated sites, more and more intrepid campers are wandering off the beaten track in a bid to explore the UK’s breath-taking countryside on their own terms. With wild camping, there are some rules...
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  8. Best extreme sports and activities to try in the UK

    The UK might not be the first place you think of when planning your next adrenaline-filled adventure, but with so many different activities and extreme sports on offer, many people are choosing to stay and experience them, as well travel here from other countries. We’ve outlined some of the best extreme sports and activities you can try out in the...
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