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Summit To Eat Blog

  1. The right food for a hiking trip

    Hiking is a great way to experience the outdoors and make your way through some pretty unique and enjoyable environments. But because you can be on the move for hours at a time, it’s important to keep your energy up with the right foods. With that in mind, we look at what you should consider when it comes to choosing...
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  2. The right calories and nutrition for a hiking trip

    Hiking can give any keen walker an exciting and challenging outdoor experience. Hikes are no walk in the park both physically draining and energy depleting. This means calories and nutrition play a key role in completing them. So, it’s important to eat the right food, in the right amounts, and eat at the right times. To make sure you reach...
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  3. How to prepare supplies for an expedition

    Preparing supplies for an expedition is crucial to making it safe and successful. It’s important to not just pack the right supplies, but also the right amount, considering what’s priority, what isn’t, and what you might need more of. From considering what’s necessary for your destination to labelling your supply of water, we explain how to prepare supplies for an...
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  4. Saving space on a camping trip

    Going on a camping trip can be a great way to experience the outdoors, whether with friends, family, or as a memorable solo experience. That said, deciding on what you do and don’t take with you can be a struggle, especially when you only have so much room in your rucksack or car. To help you make your camping experience...
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  5. What food should you take to a festival?

    Festivals are a fantastic opportunity to get out in the sunshine (hopefully) and enjoy time with family and friends, camping and enjoying a range of events from watching bands to indulging in different hobbies and activities. Many festivals have a reputation for expensive and questionable food, so when it comes to making sure you stay well fed and enjoy yourself...
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  6. Food to eat on an Arctic expedition

    Epic adventurer Felicity Aston MBE, and a team of 10 extraordinary women, ventured to the Arctic in April this year to complete their ground-breaking Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition – a difficult and dangerous journey to the top of the world. Together, the inspiring women from countries all over the world, skied over 80km of ice and snow. They completed their...
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  7. What makes a good meal on an outdoor adventure?

    Whether you’re going for a day trip, a weekend away, or even a week-long expedition, there are certain considerations to make and keep in mind when it comes to deciding the kinds of food you should take with you. Because you’ll be carrying everything with you during such a trip, making sure you try to avoid taking too much with...
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  8. What are the benefits of freeze-dried camping meals?

    Freeze-dried meals offer many benefits over other foods, which makes them ideal for taking on a camping trip. This blog explains the key benefits of freeze-dried camping meals and why you should think about packing them in your rucksack for your next big adventure. Less weight Moisture contributes to a large proportion of the weight of food. As the freeze-drying...
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  9. What food should you take on an expedition?

    Planning for an expedition, camping trip or even a long hike requires thought. What equipment do you need to take, what conditions are you likely to face and what route are you going to travel are major considerations. The food you take on your trip is equally as important. Not only does it help to stave off hunger, but it...
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  10. Taking on Project Patagonia: The Tempest Two

    At Summit to Eat, we create nutritious adventure freeze dried meals designed to help people see more of the world, break boundaries and achieve their goals. And what greater goal to have in your sights than a world-first; an ultra-triathlon in the surroundings of one of the most stunning environments on earth, the mountains, glaciers and rivers of Patagonia. Meet...
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