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Summit To Eat Blog

  1. Best UK spots for wild camping

    According to Visit Britain, 4.38 million people go camping in Britain every year. That’s a LOT of tents. But while the vast majority of those head for designated sites, more and more intrepid campers are wandering off the beaten track in a bid to explore the UK’s breath-taking countryside on their own terms. With wild camping, there are some rules...
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  2. The challenges of climbing in Alaska

    Alaska: home to three million lakes, 3,000 rivers and seventeen of the highest peaks in America. It has also been the setting for intrepid climber Tom Livingstone’s latest adventure - a quest to climb two mighty Alaskan peaks: Mount Hunter and Denali. After almost seven weeks away, Tom is now back home reflecting on his expedition which unsurprisingly wasn’t without...
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  3. Out of the Fire and into the Ice: preparing for an Icelandic adventure

    It's pitted as Iceland's toughest foot race, and some say the toughest multi-terrain race in the world.  Encompassing 250k of stunning Icelandic wildnerness and scenery, demanding its challengers complete six marathons over the course of six days and ‘run, walk, crawl’ to the finish; the mere description of the Fire & Ice challenge makes you feel exhausted! Participants will be...
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  4. Competition: Win £1,000 towards your adventure holiday!

    At Summit to Eat, we’re firm believers that life is one grand adventure and there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to dig out your passport, because we’re giving away a huge £1,000 to put towards an adventure holiday of your choice! We’ve teamed up with adventure holiday...
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  5. Reaching Lost Mountain: Meet three friends paragliding the Pyrenees

    Hike, fly, sleep, repeat: that’s the motto of three friends, Rhys, Mark and Fons, attempting to cross the entire distance of the Pyrenees (via the Lost Mountain, Mount Perdido), hiking and paragliding the whole way. Their goal is to travel from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean in what they’re calling ‘the future of nomadic travel,’ powered only by...
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  6. Teddies on Tour: Preparing for adventure

    Last month, we introduced you to the Teddies on Tour team: three female kayakers, Frida Halvorsen, Vibeke Steinvag and Ashley Williams, who are in the process of preparing to circumnavigate the coast of Ireland in July, escorting the three teddy bears. Training for an expedition can be challenging for the team, who live in three different locations, as we found...
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  7. Meet the Bulgarian duo setting sail for success

    At Summit to Eat, we’re proud to support intrepid explorers from all around the world with their endeavours, championing those who dedicate their time to putting their bodies to the test and seeing more of the world. Step forward Mihail Kopanov and Dian Zaykov: two Bulgarian sailors taking on the Royal Western Yacht Club’s 2017 Two-Handed Transatlantic Race (TWOSTAR) and...
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  8. Ocean Rower 4 Nations: Breaking a World Record

    Ever wondered what you could accomplish in 48 days at sea on a rowing boat? How about breaking a world record? That’s exactly what the Ocean Rower 4 Nations team has done. Setting sail from Portugal on March 6 and landing in Cayenne, French Guiana on April 23 (a distance of approximately 6,100 kilometers) the team completed the crossing in...
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  9. Meet the cuddly toys circumnavigating Ireland

    Here at Summit to Eat we’re honoured to partner with such a diverse range of adventure enthusiasts and thrill seekers, whether that’s one man paddleboarding the River Nile, four women rowing the Atlantic, or the world’s coolest five-year-old snow camping and paramotoring in Norway. Yet we have to admit, our latest set of adrenaline junkies are unusual even by our...
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  10. Summit to Eat official Keswick Mountain Festival sponsors

    Dust off your wellies, because Summit to Eat is kicking off the summer festival season with a taste of adventure. We’re the official camping food sponsor of Keswick Mountain Festival, one of the biggest and best-loved outdoor festivals in the UK. Taking place in the heart of the Lake District from 8-11 June, the event features a mix of outdoor...
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