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  1. Best extreme sports and activities to try in the UK

    The UK might not be the first place you think of when planning your next adrenaline-filled adventure, but with so many different activities and extreme sports on offer, many people are choosing to stay and experience them, as well travel here from other countries. We’ve outlined some of the best extreme sports and activities you can try out in the...
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  2. Atlantic Endeavour: The Adventure

    Fewer people have rowed the Atlantic Ocean than have climbed Everest or gone into space. Fewer still – less than 100 in fact – of these are female. Yet after 58 gruelling days and a mammoth 3,000 miles, a crew of four women have completed a row across the Atlantic in one of the world’s toughest races: The Talisker Whisky...
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  3. How do you prepare to take on the world’s most dangerous river?

    Summit to Eat caught up with Adam Short to discover how he made sure he was ready to face his biggest challenge yet: Paddleboarding the River Nile. Adam Short doesn’t let physical or mental challenges get in the way of adventure, and his mission to paddleboard the Nile is no exception. Yet even the most seasoned adventurers must be prepared...
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  4. Adam Short: What’s in my kit

    He’s the man who’s walking to Rwanda only to spend another nine months paddleboarding the world’s most dangerous river. We’ve caught up with Adam Short to find out which essential pieces of equipment are making the journey across two continents as he journeys to the River Nile. Whatever the adventure, packing the right kit for the terrain requires careful thought...
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  5. Meet the four women who conquered the Atlantic

    The Atlantic Endeavour mission was simple: To inspire women to push their boundaries and achieve the extraordinary. They certainly did that. 3,000 nautical miles, 55 days, 13 hours and 29 minutes after setting off from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Sarah, Kate, Becky and Charlie crossed the finish line in English Harbour, Antigua. The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge was theirs...
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  6. Paddleboard the Nile: What does the challenge involve?

    How far would you go in the name of adventure? Cross country? Across six countries? How about 4,245 miles of the world’s longest and most dangerous river? Extreme adventurer and endurance explorer Adam Short is doing just that. Adam is used to conquering the most extreme of challenges. From hiking the Way of St James to walking the entire UK...
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  7. Paddleboard the Nile - Introduction to Adam Short

    The ‘ordinary’ man with an extraordinary mission: Meet Adam Short Adam Short is no stranger to life on the edge, yet the intrepid adventurer is facing one of his toughest challenges yet. Armed only with a paddleboard and a small bag of personal belongings, Adam plans to paddle the entire 4,245 miles of the River Nile, finishing on the shores...
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