As the summer holidays approach, many families will be looking forward to weekend breaks and longer camping trips to take advantage of the good weather.

Camping trips are a fantastic way to get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors, but what else can you do to make your camping trip even more memorable?

The right location

You might have a favourite campsite that you return to year after year. You know the location, you know the local amenities and you feel comfortable there.

Sometimes this is perfect, especially if you want a nice relaxed getaway. Sometimes it’s worth trying something new and indulging your sense of adventure, especially if you’re going on holiday with the kids and want to mix things up a bit.

For example, you might love to visit the Lake District. You might want to try a different area entirely, or you might even try a different campsite around your favourite lake. This could let you get a new perspective of a familiar location or, help you discover somewhere new entirely.

Perhaps there’s a particular attraction or walk you’d love to see or do. Look for campsites that are in close proximity to help make that possible.

The right route

Sometimes, getting to your destination can be just as memorable and fun as the trip itself.

Planning a route that lets you take in fantastic scenery, or lets you visit different tourist attractions can help break up a long journey. This can, in turn, help make the trip more fun and engaging for the kids, while making the journey more scenic and enjoyable overall.

There are plenty of route planning tips and tricks online. Try plotting your route on Google Maps. This will often highlight the most efficient way to get from A to B.

Use this as a starting point and look for any points of interest just off the route, which you could use for rest stops and breaks.

The right equipment

There’s nothing worse than getting to the campsite and realising you’ve left behind something you really need.

When you’re packing and assembling your gear for the trip, it is worth organising and prioritising items by what is essential, and what is nice to have as an addition.

For example, essential items would include:

  • Tent
  • Cooking equipment
  • Sleeping bags

“Nice to haves" would include items like:

  • Toys
  • Games
  • Snacks

Think about the essential items for your trip. For example, if your camping trip is also a cycling holiday, keep in mind that you might need to bring tools for bike repairs such as a puncture repair kit.

Make sure you thoroughly check everything before you leave. You might also research the area you’re visiting in order to work out where you could replace anything you forget if necessary.

The right food

You should also make sure you bring enough food for your trip. You might be planning to head into the nearest village for food in the evenings, but it also makes sense to bring food for the trip.

For example, snacks for the drive to the campsite, or a picnic if you’re planning to stop for lunch. If your trip involves a lot of hiking, think about the food you’ll need to keep your energy levels up while you’re out hiking.

Freeze-dried meals can be a fantastic option to help keep yourself warm and full while you’re hiking, but other non-perishable items like nuts and energy bars can be just as useful.

How Summit To Eat can help make the most of your camping trip

Planning a camping trip involves a lot of research and preparation, from the right location to planning what you need to take with you.

Getting the prep work right can help make your trip much more organised and fun. You’ll spend less time worrying about whether you’re prepared, and more time taking in your surroundings and relaxing.

At Summit To Eat, we provide a range of freeze-dried meals which can help ensure you have access to nutritious, tasty meals during every camping trip. This includes breakfasts, mains, desserts and snacks. Our meals and ingredients are:

  • Freeze-dried to create a lightweight, easy to store meal
  • Easy to prepare – simply add water to the pouch and wait for the meal to rehydrate
  • Expertly cooked prior to being freeze-dried, ensuring they taste fantastic
  • Nutritious – bursting with carbohydrates and protein to give you energy and keep you feeling satisfied

To find out more about our range of freeze-dried adventure foods, take a look at our meals page or contact us to speak to a member of our team.