Freeze-dried meals offer many benefits over other foods, which makes them ideal for taking on a camping trip.

This blog explains the key benefits of freeze-dried camping meals and why you should think about packing them in your rucksack for your next big adventure.

Less weight

Moisture contributes to a large proportion of the weight of food. As the freeze-drying process removes nearly all water content, this means freeze-dried camping meals are very light weight – weighing less than fresh, canned and dehydrated foods. Light weight foods, like this, are ideal for using on a camping trip, especially on a long expedition when food might need to be carried for long periods of time between rest stops.

Freeze-dried meals that come in pouches are a better option for reducing weight. They can be made in, and eaten from, the pouch they come in. This reduced the need for pans and other utensils, meaning there’s even less weight to carry. Once you’ve eaten the pouch can simply be rolled up and retained to throw away later, this not only helps make travel easier but also helps to avoid unnecessarily littering the countryside or other environment you find yourself in.

Easy storage

Freeze-dried foods take up little room, so its packaging can be small and compact. This means freeze dried camping meals take up much less space than, for instance, bulky canned foods – even when bought in bulk. Pouches are also often used for packaging – perfect for a big camping trip. The packets are ideal for fitting into a rucksack, where every bit of space counts and you need to think carefully about what you pack.

Long shelf life

As freeze-drying removes almost all moisture, this prevents bacteria from festering on food and causing it to spoil. This means freeze-dried meals have a much longer shelf life than those foods where the moisture is still contained, like fresh and canned foods. This is beneficial for a camping trip when food might need to be carried for days at a time before it’s eaten, or extremes of temperature could impact quality.

Fast preparation

Dehydrated and canned foods usually need time to cook, so things like boiling time can add to food preparation time. With freeze-dried foods, you just need to add the water to the ingredients to rehydrate them. The time it takes to reconstitute the ingredients is also enough for the boiling water to cook the meal, making prep time relatively quick and food ready to eat in minutes. This is hugely beneficial on a challenging camping trip where time is a factor. Food and rest stops might need to be quick to ensure you reach set points and daily distance goals before dusk, or when bad weather is approaching.

Maintain nutrition

Freeze-dried meals lock in flavor and nutrition, this often helps meals to retain a lot of their nutritional value, even after they’ve been preserved.

On camping trips or expeditions when you’re at the mercy of the elements having access to a hearty meal, rich in protein and carbohydrates can help keep the body fueled and warm, ready to face the next stage of your adventure. Meals that are going to help replenish your energy reserves are ideal and should be a key component of your trip planning.

Work out how long you’re going camping for, and look at finding meals that are easy to carry but will also maintain nutrition levels throughout your trip as a starting point.

Providing you with freeze-dried camping meals

Whether you’re planning a couple of days’ camping for a challenging hike, or an epic excursion spanning a couple of weeks, freeze-dried meals can give you what you need for your trip. At Summit To Eat, we provide a variety of fantastic freeze-dried camping meals to help fuel any adventure. From breakfasts and desserts to campsite classics and hearty meals each meal benefits from being light weight, fast to prepare and long lasting. Our meals are cooked first by expert chefs, before they are freeze-dried, to help make sure they deliver fantastic flavour and quality, every time.

To find out more about our range of freeze-dried camping foods, take a look at our meals page or contact us to speak to a member of our team.