Whether you’re going for a day trip, a weekend away, or even a week-long expedition, there are certain considerations to make and keep in mind when it comes to deciding the kinds of food you should take with you.

Because you’ll be carrying everything with you during such a trip, making sure you try to avoid taking too much with you by planning thoroughly beforehand will help make your adventure more comfortable and enjoyable, however long it lasts. This guide provides you with some advice on what makes a good meal while on an outdoor adventure.

Full of energy and nutrition

It’s important to make sure that the meals you take with you include enough calories to provide you with energy throughout the day. They should also have the right balance of vitamins and nutrients such as carbohydrates, fibre, protein and fats.

Dried fruits, beef jerky, and mixed nuts are great foods to snack on so you can keep energy levels high throughout the day in a healthy way.

Foods such as rice and pasta are high in carbohydrates, which makes them great bases for meals that you can add different ingredients to. Bolognese and chilli, for instance, are two tasty and nutritious meals you could prepare in advance or cook during the trip, using a portable stove.

Ease of preparation and storage

The best kinds of meals for outdoor adventures are those that can be stored easily and don’t weigh you down too much. This is especially the case when it comes to longer excursions, where you’ll be bringing more food along with you. Keeping excess weight to a minimum can help you travel easier during longer hikes, for example.

It’s wise to think of foods that can be easily tucked into a large backpack without much hassle, such as granola and energy bars. You should also try to avoid packing metal cans and glass bottles and jars, which can weight far more than pouches or loose or bagged foods like fruit. Freeze-dried foods are also great when it comes to conserving weight, as the process removes most of the water from a product, which, in turn, drastically reduces weight.

Cooking these foods is also simple, as you’ll only need to heat up water and mix it into your food in the pouch, rather than needing to bring a load of heavy pots and dishes to create a meal.

Variety and familiarity during long trips

When it comes to longer trips, such as camping excursions of up to a week long, having the same meals each day can take a little of the enjoyment out of the experience. Sometimes, it can help you to enjoy a trip that much more if you know you’ve got some familiar home comforts ready to eat – especially if the weather is poor and you’re looking forward to some nourishing hot food to keep you warm.

Bringing a variety of meal kits and ingredients with you can help provide a wider range of flavours and textures during your trip. For example, try to avoid only bringing fish, like tuna pouches, as your protein of choice, or packs of cooked rice as your only carbohydrate. Having a range to choose from can help make mealtimes that much more enjoyable. You could also consider mixing in your dried fruits and nuts into a morning breakfast, for example, to improve taste, variety, and nutritional value.

How Summit To Eat can improve your adventuring experience

When it comes to making the absolute most of an adventure, having less on your mind through the preparation and planning stage can be a great help.

That’s why our freeze-dried meals can be so useful, both to those new to the adventuring scene and those with years of experience. Their low weight and ease of preparation can help take some of the complexity out of the journey, wherever you’re headed and however long you’re travelling.

With fresh, nutritious ingredients in every meal, and a wide range of meal choices available, we’ll have something that’s perfect for your expedition and sure to taste great.  From fantastic breakfasts to delicious mains and desserts, alongside additional toppers that allow you to add extra cheese, fruit and vegetables to your meals. These are a fantastic way to get extra nutrition into your meals, including being able to reach your 5-a-day.

To find out more about what we can offer you, take a look at our freeze-dried main meals, or contact us to speak to a member of our team.