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Festival Camping Food

Festivals are one of the most incredible musical experiences to have - with options for any and every musical taste taking place all over the world every year. From Creamfields and Parklife in the UK, to festivals such as Benicassim in Spain and Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, festivals are a worldwide appreciation of music that bring people together by the thousands.

One key aspect of festival culture is camping - spending the whole experience enjoying the great outdoors in a secluded area dedicated to that festival. Surrounded by people with a love for the same genre of music who are all there to enjoy themselves as much as you, people often make friends for life out of people they may never have met otherwise.

Food at Festivals

One of the more infamous negatives about festival culture is the food - with heavily priced food and drink making costs rack up at an alarming rate when trying to enjoy yourself. Although there is a variety of festival camping food available, from burgers and hot-dogs through to wraps and sandwiches, maintaining a nutritious diet to keep you going over a festival weekend can be a difficult and expensive challenge.

Luckily, Summit to Eat offer a fantastic alternative, in the shape of our 2 day freeze dried festival food pack! Taking freeze dried food with you is a fantastic alternative to sometimes questionable festival food. When you’re at a festival, the only concern you want to have is how many different artists you can see and how much you can dance - which is why our Freeze Dried Festival packages provide all the nutrients required that you don’t have to worry about eating enough or staying healthy! On top of this, rather than having to make your own food should you choose to bring it, there’s a minimal amount of cleaning up to be done once cooked, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Festival Essentials

When going to a festival it’s easy to forget to bring the simple things, as you are so focused on getting to the campsite and seeing some bands. Here’s a list of essential items when it comes to cooking Summit to Eat Freeze dried meals.

  • Small disposable stove or BBQ - If you want to have a hot meal you’ll need a way to boil the water for your meal pouch. A disposable BBQ or camping stove is a great way to heat water quickly so you can enjoy a delicious meal fast.
  • Cutlery - It may sound simple, but you don’t want to be eating your meal with your hands - remember to bring a spoon or a fork!
  • Your Summit to Eat food packets - And of course, don’t forget to bring along your delicious and fresh Summit to Eat freeze dried food with you, so you can enjoy your time away.
  • Reusable water bottles - It is important to stay hydrated, especially if the weather is on your side, so make sure to bring a reusable water bottle to keep things easy - many festivals now offer water stations to fill your water bottle up.
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Why Summit to Eat?

Festival food can be a tricky issue for people to deal with when attending a festival unprepared, but with our range of delicious, high quality freeze dried meals you can enjoy yourself, dancing the day and night away, knowing you have a filling and enjoyable meal waiting for you. We also have a wide range of other freeze dried breakfasts, main meals and desserts if other dishes appeal more to you, just browse our website to see our other meals and kits, including specially made vegetarian dishes such as our Vegetable Chipotle Chilli.

The lightweight packets also make your travel to the event a lot easier - with such minimal weight to the packages they won’t add unnecessary bulk, making it easier to get to your campsite. They are also incredibly easy to make - just add water to our freeze dried meals and they can be ready-to-eat in just 10 minutes.

All of our meals are made from fresh and delicious ingredients, and then cooked first before they are freeze dried, ensuring that the combination of flavours and delicious tastes that develop during the cooking process are maintained for when you come round to eating the meal.

If you’re attending a festival this year, go prepared by ordering freeze-dried easy-to-make meals with Summit to Eat, and take your own festival camping food with you!