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Freeze Dried Camping Food

Camping is always a popular option for people looking for a quick getaway - offering families a cheaper alternative to a holiday abroad whilst still enjoying time away in the beautiful countryside or a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Packing up some clothes, a tent and perhaps the bicycles, and simply driving to your destination is why camping is such a popular holiday - because it’s a simple, easy and fun way to spend time with your family.

Enjoying the fresh air while going on long walks or bike rides, simply relaxing in the campsite or going to local attractions, there are a wide variety of things to do on camping holidays that keep the whole family entertained and keep costs low. There are campsites all across Europe, from the heights of Scotland to the south of France, the variety in climate and location means you are sure to find somewhere you can pitch up a tent and have a break.

Camping Food isn’t Always Simple

One thing that gets trickier when you’re away from your kitchen and creature comforts is ensuring you can eat a well maintained diet and keep yourself going throughout the day. This can be even harder should you be camping in the countryside where a variety of restaurants isn’t an option. The obvious solution to your camping food is to bring along a BBQ with you, but the dreams of a smokey burger or a barbecued chicken can quickly be shattered should the weather not work in your favour,

Our freeze dried meals can be the perfect alternative for camping food, with simplicity, freshness and delicious flavours being the key elements to each of our camping meals.

Camping Tips

Here are a few tips for when you go camping - easy and simple things to do that can make your holiday all the more enjoyable!

  • Bring a Yoga Mat - Placing a yoga mat underneath your sleeping bag ensures you don’t wake up with a sore back in the morning and are ready to seize the day in front of you.
  • Fly Spray - Simply use some fly spray around the entrance to your tent and around the netting of the entrance - this is a more long-term method of keeping the flies and gnats away rather than having to use your spray every time you see them in your tent.
  • Remember your Summit to Eat Freeze Dried Meals - We may be biased, but we think this is a necessity for your camping trip that you definitely shouldn’t forget.
  • Don’t forget the marshmallows! - Let’s be honest, no camping trip is complete without a few marshmallows over a campfire!
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Why Summit to Eat?

Summit to Eat offer a variety of meals, with Breakfast, Mains and Desserts all options! We even have a range of kits, should you wish to buy a bulk amount of our freeze-dried food for your camping trip, or perhaps so that the whole family has something to choose from. There are various benefits to our packets, not least of which is the convenience. Not only do our meal pouches mean that the only thing you need to bring with you is a small stove for heating your water, there is also less mess as everything stays inside the packet, ready to be thrown away once the meal is finished.

The meals themselves are much easier to store than normal food, due to their lightweight nature and small size due to the freeze-drying process. Because we cook our food before we freeze dry it, our meals have a much longer shelf-life and won’t spoil meaning they maintain their delicious taste and freshness even when kept in storage for a long time.

You don’t have to worry about the weather either - you can warm up your water anywhere, simply place it in the freeze-dried packet and in 10 minutes you have your tasty and filling meal ready to eat!

If you’re interested in buying Summit to Eat Freeze Dried Camping Food for your next trip, take a browse around our products and kits to see what takes your fancy and place your order today!